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Dr.Paras Mehta will be attending 3rd Asia Cornea Society Meeting at Manila,Phillipines. She is not available for consultation from 25th November,2012 to 30th November,2012Dr Paras Mehta's case report on DALK in Keratoectasia secondary to Hexagonal Keratotomy has been accepted & published in current issue of Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
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Cataract Surgery By Phacoemulsification.
  When a natural lens of the eye becomes opaque it is known as Cataract.
In Cataract Surgery the cloudy or opaque lens of the eye is removed surgically and is replaced with a permanent artificial lens known as an Intra Ocular Lens Implant (IOL).
Several techniques are used for removing Cataracts.
Phaco-Emulsification :
Right now, the most recent and popular technique for cataract surgery is Cataract removal by Phaco-Emulsification. In this procedure the surgery is performed through a small incision with most sophisticated and latest machine and a Foldable artificial lens is implanted in to the eye. This can be achieved through an incision as small as 1.5mm to 2.8 mm in size. These incisions are self sealing and hence do not require to be closed with stitches. Therefore, it is also known as Suture-Less Cataract Surgery.

Foldable lenses are available with different features which may provide Good Contrast Sensitivity to the eye or they may be multifocal which may take care of the power for both distance as well as near.
  • We are using Phaco emulsification System with ICE Technology
  • Acrysof  Natural IQ with Yellow Chromophore ( UV protection ) ALCON comp
  • Acrysof Single Piece Lens
  • Acrysof Toric Lens
  • Restore Multi Focal Lens
  • Tecnis Aspheric IOL Single Piece & Multi Piece ( AMO comp.)

The Surgery is performed on Day Care basis, hence hospitalisation is for few hours only. One can perform all routine activities from the same day of surgery, however care should be taken for 4-6 weeks till the wound heals completely.

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  • Examination
  • C3R Procedure
  • C3R for Keratoconus
  • Phaco for Cataract
  • Donor Cornea Evaluation
  • Specular Microscopy for Endothelial Evaln
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