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Dr.Paras Mehta will be attending 3rd Asia Cornea Society Meeting at Manila,Phillipines. She is not available for consultation from 25th November,2012 to 30th November,2012Dr Paras Mehta's case report on DALK in Keratoectasia secondary to Hexagonal Keratotomy has been accepted & published in current issue of Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
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Corneal Transplantation


Cornea Before Surgery  After Full Thickness Corneal Transplant Procedure
Cornea of an eye can get affected due to various reasons. Trauma, Chemical injury, Infections or Corneal Ulcer, Post Surgery etc. In Corneal Transplantation procedure, a Diseased Cornea is replaced by a healthy Donor Cornea to restore or improve vision.
Traditionally full thickness tissue of Cornea is replaced. The picture shows a replaced full thickness cornea , which is secured with stitches all around. This has been a proven surgical procedure and is in practice more than100 years. The success is more than 80% in certain indications. The followup is very important to recognise any Rejection and if so it can be treated medically in early phases very well.
This Child got injured in his Left Eye with a pencil, he developed corneal ulcer which was treated and he was left with a Corneal Scar ( Opaque Cornea ). He underwent  Corneal Transplantation for sight restoration. His vision improved from Counting finger close to face to 6/9 and has been doing well at school since then.
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