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Dr.Paras Mehta will be attending 3rd Asia Cornea Society Meeting at Manila,Phillipines. She is not available for consultation from 25th November,2012 to 30th November,2012Dr Paras Mehta's case report on DALK in Keratoectasia secondary to Hexagonal Keratotomy has been accepted & published in current issue of Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
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Corneal Ulcer Management with Microbiologic Work-up

Corneal Ulcer : It can occur due to various causes. Following Trauma, conjunctivitis, due to inadvertant use of Steroid eye drops & ointments, unhygenic Contact lens practices, following any surgery or exposure of the cornea to chemicals or other noxious agents. Patient will develop severe redness, pain, watering in the affected eye. It is an Ocular Emergency. One should seek immediate expert opinion and start intensive therapy as suggested by the consultant.

Microbiologic Work up: A lab test is carried out by the cornea specialist where in small amount of material is taken from the surface of the ulcer and is subjected for various lab tests and for culture. Based on the information available from the examination of the smears, the primary management is initiated which may be modified time to time by the treating cosultatnt based on the clinical response as well as any developments or information available from the lab.This is a very specialised procedure and commomly termed as Scraping for Microbiology work-up. Ulcer may take few days to weeks to resolve depending upon the size and severity. Some times if the infective process does not respond to the medical management then a surgical intervention to de- bulk the infection is suggested. This may be an emergency Therapeutic Corneal Transplant. The primary aim of this procedure is to salvage the eye if possible and reduce the load of infective area. After the surgery an Antimicrobial treatment needs to be continued. If the disease process is very agressive, the ulcer can end up in corneal perforation and such cases may need Emergency Surgical intervention.

Once the ulcer heals, it leaves behind corneal scar (an opacity ), Therefore, these cases may need Spectacle correction or Contact Lens ( Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens ) or at times lamellar or full thickness corneal transpalnt for vision enhancement based on the size, location and density of the scar.


Cornea Before Surgery:
Advanced Fungal Corneal Ulcer
After Therapeutic
Graft for Corneal Perforation :
This gentleman was injured in his one eye with Bamboo Leaf. He developed Corneal Ulcer as seen in the image. The lab work up revealed plant fungus. The ulcer did not respond medically and he developed Corneal perforation during the course of his medical therapy. Hence, he underwent Therapeutic Emegency Corneal Transplant procedure with us. His infection finally resolved fully and his vision improved from hand movements to 6/9 with spectacle correction 




unfortunately in Nov,1998, I developed corneal ulcer which kept spreading rapidly to involve my whole Cornea, I could not see anything with that eye.Dr.Paras Mehta performed Corneal Transplant surgery on my eye which was followed by long treatment. It was a miracle & am able to see with that eye very well for past twelve years,am able to drive and work. Sudhir Paranjape, Baroda.

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